a little free apartment therapy

I've written a lot in the last couple of days about all the money we've been spending in efforts to get ready for when we have no roommates.  Some of these things have been wants, some have been needs (although we went for higher quality then we necessarily needed).

Last night - I did a little free 'apartment therapy'. 

I re-arranged the living room.

At first I didn't think that it would help very much, and I thought what I 'Needed/Wanted' was some new art or something to spruce the place up a bit.  I've been looking around at places like JYSK and IKE but couldn't find want I wanted... I didn't even really know what I was looking for.  All I knew was that  I really wanted to take back the space and make it ours again. What I wound up doing was moving one of the fish tanks to a different wall, got rid of an ugly bookshelf that held DVD's (the new tv stand has closed cuboard doors so I took advantage of that) and I moved my glass art display case into a different corner.

I didn't take any pictures yet, but I'll try to over the coming weeks.

It was a few small changes that took about an hour or so combined with an hour or so of cleaning - and the living room has a totally new feel to it!


  1. Good use of "free", combined with (relatively)careful spending. I do believe that quality, once, is frugal, but buying crap once is both cheap and wasteful. except couches. We bought cheap while you both were home and growing, because I felt whatever we bought would be worn quickly. Even the last couch we bought, which for me was very expensive, has not lasted like I expected. The cushions are sagging and the recliners don't work. I think the step up in price point for the quality I want is still more than I am williung to pay.

  2. Isn't great how those small changes can make SUCH a big difference?

  3. @ mom - Thanks! I'm planning on doing a similar thing in the kitchen.

    @ me in millions - It's incredible the changes that happen when all you do is move some furniture around and do some deep cleaning!


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