My Glasses are Here!

Hurrah!  I can see again.

I wrote about purchasing some new glasses last week and was able to pick them up today!

I got two pairs, one prescription sun glasses and the other prescription regular glasses.  I did return the extra warranty that I got suckered into and so the upfront cost was $395.23.  I submitted my receipts to my benefits administrator and will be receiving $126 once the claim is processed.

So the total out of pocket cost will be $269.23.

For two pairs of glasses that's pretty spectacular.  I have a line item on my next weeks budget to pay off my visa for this purchase.

I found a picture of the sunglasses which look like this but with dark lenses:

I can't find a picture of the other pair, but they're cute, I promise!



  1. The Price you paid for the glasses sickens me. Why? because it reminds me I paid way too much for the glasses we got.

  2. Those are way too cute, Jessie. It is good to see, isn't it? How was driving today?

  3. @ All - thanks!! so happy they arrived!

    @ mom - it was weird, everything was soo clear!!


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