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I've written a bit about the fish tanks that Jordan and I have, and they are currently a bone of contention with our landlord - so I thought I would share a little bit more about them.

When I moved into this place a little more then three years ago, my roommate at that time had a pet iguana.  We talked about my fish-keeping hobby and she was fine with me bringing in a tank.  I started with a 33 gallon.  Throughout my time in the house, and after Jordan moved in a year or so ago we expanded.  We got a second 33 gallon as well as a 90 gallon tank.

Getting started is the most work and is very rewarding.  Getting a healthy tank set up, planting it (we use live plants) and finding a healthy mix of interesting fish to populate the tank is a lot of fun!

It would be hard to estimate the annual costs of having the tanks, I would guess maybe $25/month on average.  There would be some months when you spend nothing and some when you're buying food, plants and/or fish. 

This is our 90 gallon tank, you can see we have a lot of different kinds of fish, some great plants and some great wood pieces.  We would call this a community tank.

Here is a picture of our main 33 gallon tank.  This is our tetra tank, it has a varity of fish but they are all from the tetra family.

To give you a size comparrison between the 90 gallon tank and a 33 gallon tank, here is a picture of our 90 gallon tank next to our second 33 gallon which we are going to try to sell.  It looks soo little next to the biggy.

We're hoping to get $25 for the four silver dollar fish that are in the small tank to the right, and hoping to get $250 for the tank/stand/filtration system/heater/rocks.  If we're successful that money will go towards paying back our house fund.


  1. Can you edit? Contention. Cool tanks!

  2. @ mom - whoops, thanks - fixed it!


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