Joint Bank Account

Recently I mentioned that Jordan and I would be opening a joint bank account for rent and utilities.  Well, we've opened the account and I've sent away all the notifications to each biller to have the automatic withdrawals changed.

Each biller said it would take about two weeks to process, and I'm just now receiving October's bills.  So, in theory, by the time we get November's bills (during the first week in December) all of the changes should have happened and we'll be good to go.

Starting on November 5, 2009 Jordan and I are each going to be contributing $325/bi-weekly to the account. As we are paid on opposite weeks, that means that there will be money going into this account each week.

I'm so looking forward to this!!


With our recent rent reduction, we will be each contributing $287.50 bi/weekly which equals $1,150 when there are 4 pay periods in a month which is exactly what we estimate our new rent and utility expenses will be.

We set up all of the automatic transfers last night = so exiting!


  1. This was something C and I were thinking we might try for things like this. We are also paid on opposite weeks which make sit nice when budgeting. Though, we both have individual debt still.

    I'd be interested to see in a couple of months how this works out.

  2. I think you two are going to like this. Is being a grown up getting easier?

  3. How exciting for you. Joint ventures for togetherness and still your separate accounts for individuality. A perfect combination.

  4. it's the way to go. wait till your married and combine accounts further. Finances were so much easier once my wife and I finished combining finances

  5. That's great. I agree with Canadiansavings, it's been much easier with combined finances since we married -- plus, Mr. Saver likes to leave all the bill-paying/saving to me. I just give him updates on our progress =)

    I may have missed this, but do either of you own cars? That seems to eat up a lot of our expenses for the month, although only one car is new and mine is paid off for a few years now.

  6. I look forward to doing things like this with my boyfriend. Also wondering (sorry if you have mentioned something like this before), is Jordan as money conscious as you are?

  7. @ Finding - Jordan and I both have our own debts as well :D I have two student loans and Jordan has his truck loan (that is technically in my name - but he pays it).

    @ Mom - it does seem to be getting easier as time goes on.. funny that

    @ Rainy - we each have our own vehicles. I bought my straight out for $1,500 and Jordan bought his will a small loan for $4,500. We each pay for our car insurance and generally speaking fuel or vehicles separately.

    Technically - Jordan's truck loan is in my name b/c a year ago his credit wasn't so hot. We're working on fix that.

    @ Girl - he's not at all on the same financial wave length - though we're getting closer and closer the longer we're together.

    I have relaxed some, and he has started to get w/ the whole budgeting thing. We have our joint house fund, joint chequing, and he shares the food jar with me. So it's coming together.


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