Apartment Therapy?

One of my favorite bloggers over at Small Steps for Big Change has been going through apartment therapy.  Each week she goes through a different part of her apartment to clean/update/simplify and otherwise make her home a happy place.

Although I'm not doing that exactly, I've been loving reading along and with all of our roommmates moving out - Jordan and I thought it would be nice to update our living space.  We spent $100 at Ikea ($50/each) to spruce things up a bit.

We bought some new branches for my vase/branch/art hallway dealio, new plates & bowls, a closet organizer, a $30 ikea cushion for one of their slay back chairs.  Jordan found an old frame so for $30 it's like brand new (they retail for around $100).  We also picked up some tupperwear and those round cork mats you put hot stuff on.

We are talking about plans for some larger items as well, but that's for another post.


  1. Jessie,

    I think this is an incredibly important thing for everyone to do! It has the added bonus of rejuvenating the soul, giving you that "ahhhhh" feeling once it's complete and reminding you why you fell in love with the space in the first place.

    Having just moved into our first place together, C and I are doing this at our new place - more with items we've had stored away from our previous places that we are now finding places for.

    Ikea is a good place to start, so are second hand stores, garage sales, friends and family.

    Have fun with your apartment therapy and your soul therapy!

  2. It really doesn't take a wheelbarrow full of money to give a space a whole new feel, does it? Living like students for a year+ after you graduated gave you a solid foundation, but I can see that you are ready to be adults, and a couple, rather than roommates.

  3. mmmm... I love Ikea!

    I also love thrifting for things, too! :)

  4. I'm working on "house therapy" -- I still need some decorative touches for our half-empty rooms, but Frugal Dream has it right -- thrifting is great. I should check out some yard sales.

  5. @ Finding - Thanks for the positive feedback. I was worried that my upcoming spending posts wouldn't be received all too well.

    @ Mom - You're right, it sure doesn't take a wheelbarrow full! I think I'll go back to Ikea next pay day to look at some inexpensive art now that Lindsay has taken down most of hers.

    I love that you're seeing that Jordan and I are ready to and taking the next steps in our relationship and our living situation!

    @ Frugal - I enjoy th thrifting things to a point. I think that sometimes, newer really is better. Though I was really happy would could make that Ikea chair new again!

    @ Rainy - I suppose our's is more 'town-house rental therapy' ha-ha. It's only a shame that with the winter comping so quickly, I don't know if there will be many more yard sales. We'll have to find some thrift stores.

  6. Ok. I am appalled. "NEWER REALLY IS BETTER"

    I am just shocked!


  7. @ Frugal - you've actually made me giggle here!!

    It's going to be really nice to do some splurging this week and then rein things back in afterwards.

  8. If nothing else I would recommend picking up the book from the library and reading through it. You may not do the therapy but it has such GREAT ideas of things to do. Every time I pick up the book I read something new that I hadn't thought about, and I LOVE books like that. =)

    Also, there is an Apartment Therapy blog where you can see pictures of other people's transformations which can also be inspiring. I can't wait to get back home from this week-long work vacation and re-start my Therapy.

  9. Also... thanks for the shout out! =D


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