New Glasses!

This past weekend, I actually spent some money that was above and beyond my $300/bi-weekly variable spending (jar money).

I broke down and FINALLY bought myself some new prescription glasses.  The ones I am currently wearing are three or four years old and are the wrong prescription for me.  My eyes are different already by a full point, so this has been increases the frequencey and intensity of headaches.

I've actually been looking for the last six months or so, and have realized that's nearly impossible to find a single pair of high index glasses for under $300.  I have been to over a dozen different retailers.

Jordan and I happened to be in Sears on Saturday because we were looking at some items we will want to replace when our roommates move out.  Sears optical (I didn't even know that had a sears optical until Saturday) had a fantastic deal on (won't get into all the details) but basically like so many other retrailers the best 'deal' was acheived when you bought two pairs instead of one pair.

I wound up getting a pair of prescription sunglasses and prescription regular lenses both high index, with scratch resistance and UV coatings and all that jazz for a grand total of $449.97.  Which is an effective price of $225/each pair.

The above price was with a one year extra warranty on the glasses, but I've never needed that before, and neither has anyone in my family so I think I'm going to retrun that (I have 30 days) which will bring the total price down to $390.  I have $125 left on my glasses benefit's through work, so after I claim that expense that total amount I have to come up with is $265 (or $132.50/pair).  I should be able to paymyself back in two weeks on my next pay day.  So that money will only be owing on my visa for a couple of weeks.  I'm completely comfortable with this!  Plus Jordan will stop nagging me to take care of my eyes :)

I should have pictures of them in a week when they are ready to be picked up.


  1. That is the balance, eh? When do you save up for something you need before you buy, and when do you buy first. Because you are so recently out of CC debt, I would take your card away, until you actually make the payment. Use the CC co's $$ and float for YOUR benefit, but don't get bit in the butt!

  2. The really hard part is, how to you save to buy something while you're paying off something else or for the same item?

    The prime example for that is car insurance. I would love to save up and pay my insurance once a year instead of on a monthly basis. But to do that, I would have to pay my insurance and save it for an entire year! That would be a huge chunk of money that would be taken away from other savings / debt goals.

    You were encouraging me last night to use the card for the new pots/pans (post coming). That said, I used the card and then transferred the funds over immediately. Though it takes a couple of days for internet transfers to go through.

    My CC will be at a zero balance by Oct. 16th once again.

  3. In the future you might want to think about ordering glasses online. It's not for everyone (some people have difficult prescriptions that are expensive even online, some folks aren't willing to take the risk, etc.) but I've found it works for me. We don't have vision benefits so saving the money is great. I have two pairs from goggles4u.com and they were around $50 each.

  4. I'm not saying not to do it, I'm saying to be mindful, that's all. I am all for maximizing your Visa dividend. I should have realized that you would CYA

  5. @ Jenn - Maybe next time I'll try ordering online. Thanks for the tip!

    @ Mom - it's always good to be reminded to be mindful :)

    I'm not sure what the CYA means on your last comment?

  6. lol Mom's out to get your credit cards Jessie. Look out!

    This post reminds me that I spent way way way too much money for my glasses and my wife's glasses. Next time I need to get new ones we are just getting a prescription and going for a 1 hour drive to the closest Sears Optical.



  7. I feel you, I too have terrible eyesight and need high index lenses, which means a big hit to the wallet!


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