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My Great Aunt's husband passed away about 6 months ago (or more now) and her only family left in this City is myself and my brother. J and I have taken to bringing her to Costco every couple of weeks to do her bulk shopping. She has other people (neighbors and friends) that help with weekly shopping, banking and the like. She has started thinking that she might like to move to the small town where the rest of our family is. She could be with two of her sisters and all of her great neices and nephews.

J and I asked that if she were to move, she consider us first when she goes to sell her home. Her home is in a beautiful area of the city. The home is 50 years old, her and her husband lived in it for about 30 years. There would be a LOT of work that needed to happen as there has been no updates to the home except for a new roof in all the time that they lived there.

She would like to stay in the home for at least one more Christmas but other then that isn't too sure how long she wants to stay in the city.

So - we hope, we will be able to buy her home one day.

All of that said, we were doing some yardwork for her this weekend and she brought me aside and said she had an idea. She wants to start paying J and I for doing yard work and various other things around her home that she just can't do anymore (she's in her 70's). She said she would have to pay someone else to do the work anyways and she would rather pay us. That said, she wants to pay us on one conidition. She wants the money to go directly to our house fund!

How perfect is that!

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  1. That was pretty cool of her. My cousin Chris and his wife live in your city, too. I think they do some stuff for her as well.


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