So it starts...Buying and Renovating my Great Aunts Home

I recently wrote about the possibility of buying my great aunts place with Jordan in the next few years. Her home is 50 years old, and she and her husband lived in it together for 30 years (he recently passed away). They were both chain smokers, and collectors - with the only renovation or upkeep being the roof they replaced a few years ago.

I've made a spreadsheet (I have so many spreadsheets) with organized lists of all of the items we would want to buy to improve the home. Most of the things on the list are needs, very few are wants. For example we would need to gut the kitchen and bathrooms (two) and buy all new major applicances/fixtures for them.

This afternoon Jordan and I spent three hours or so at home depot exploring some of the possible renovation situations that we could encounter at my great aunts place. We took my spreadsheets, wondered the isles and priced out some of our needs (fridge, stove/oven, dishwasher, bathtub/shower, sinks....ect).

It was prety overwhelming, and I got worn out. Going forward we are going to price one room at a time so as not to become cranky with each other.

Once I have all of my sheets updated, I'll post some of the numbers we come up with.


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