Bi-Weekly Budget - Today is Payday

Hello Friday - we meet once again!

Items that are highlighted in green have already happened, things that are written in green are automatic transfers that haven't yet happened.

I go through this weeks bi-weekly budget line-by-line:
  • My pay is a little higher then expected because for the first time ever I hit the maximum EI contributions.  I haven't it the max for CPP yet, it might happen for the last pay in December.
  • You'll probably notice right off the bat that I was -$211.10 in the hole.  I can only say that it was the result of really poor planning.  I'll get dinged for an overdraft charge, which hasn't happened for a great many number of months - but it's unlikely to happen again.
  • In a move to reduce the number of transactions I  have each month (so I can hopefully eliminate some damn bank fees), I have one ING transfer going through for $70 to a new savings account I have w/ them that I will call my landing account.  I'll will divvy up the money in the landing account every other Friday (that's not a payday). 
  • Car insurance = bleck 
  • I'm going with $100 in my entertainment/other account again to see how well that works out.  This pay I actually have to pick up some things for the fish tanks, so we'll see how long it lasts.  Food, transportation, and joint account are as per usual.
  • I did a little online shopping (among regular shopping) which I used my visa for, that combined with my cell phone bill results in a $300 transfer to that card.
  • I was going to stick with the normal $90/month for my horse while she's on pasture, but with the heavy snowfall and very cold weather, I'll be moving her to full feed (hay, twice a day).  I owe her boarder an extra $55 this month.
  • Finally, i have a savings account w/ my main bank that I raarely use.  I've decided to start putting my 'left overs' into this account.  My money that has no job yet.  I think this will be my student loan lump sum fund - unless other things come up.  Seeings as it's Christmas, I'll probably wait until February before making a transfer.  This will also help cover things if new roommate doesn't move in (I'm sure he will - but I'm a just in case kind of planner).
Well, that's it for the next couple of weeks.  Have a great weekend!



  1. Interesting... love the accountability.

  2. I post my bi-weely budget every friday. Your right in that it goes towards keeping me accountable

  3. I think it's great that you post this! Hope you have a great weekend :)


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