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This past weekend Jordan and I helped a couple of people move.  We worked our tails off on one of the coldest days of the year (-35 degrees celcius) for $15/hour for 8.5 hours. We each took home $127.50.  Not bad for making a little extra cash over the holidays.  I tucked some of it away, but that night we went to Jordan's work Christmas party and so we spent some on drinks and what not, I had also spent some cash on long underwear so I wouldn't completely freeze.  This was also a big grocery/personal hygiene week and Jordan's got to renew the registration on the truck - so with all that, the extra cash sure is nice!

I had planned to put a few extra hours in at work on Sunday, but our bodies were just wrecked from the day before.  I did get a lot of gifts wrapped though.

My parents came into town last night to get their passports sorted and to finish their Christmas shopping.  They took me, Jordan, Brother, and his girlfriend all out for supper - it was such a nice treat.  It was great to have all of us together like that.  They actually drove out (before we met for supper) to see where my horse was, and it sounds like their happy with the place I chose for her.  I'm really glad about that!


  1. Oh my... that is REALLY cold! But at least you got some cash out of the deal. =D

  2. There is nothing like a little extra cash at this time of year!

  3. Extra cash is good! Longjohns for a -35C day, even better. Brr!!! I can barely stand it at 0 degrees C (32F here), it's rarely been below 0 degrees F here, except for an overnight.

  4. That's a nice little cash injection for you two! I've been freaking about saving this week and trying to think of ways to make a little more RIGHT now... an odd job or two would be just what I need!

  5. that's great. A little cash during this time of the year is good. And after a hard day's work, you two deserve a drink or two. ;)


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