Benefits @ Work = Shoes?

I need shoes.

I have traditionally had quite a difficult time when it comes to finding shoes. I have very high arches and heals/flats are usually uncomfortable. My mom suggested I look into my benefits at work to see if there might be any options.

Well, apparently there are some options!

My benefit plan states that:

“We will cover 100 per cent of reasonable and customary costs (unless specified otherwise) for the medical services listed below when ordered by a doctor."

(then there are a loooot of items listed, below are the two that apply to me)

  1. for custom built orthopaedic shoes, the charge, reduced by the cost ($50) of ordinary shoes, and orthopaedic modifications to shoes, provided such shoes and modifications are recommended and approved by a licensed physician or by a licensed podiatrist.
  2. orthotics (custom made inserts or arch supports) - all such claims will require to be accompanied by a medical statement outlining the reasons for supporting the expenses. Reimbursement will also be limited to $300 for all such claims, per calendar year.
I can also receive reimbursement of up to $40 (max 20 visits) to a podiatrist.

So with all of that in mind, I’m going to see if my doctor (so I can meet the ordered by a dr. requirement) will recommend a podiatrist or orthopaedic doctor to see if I could get some custom made inserts/ach supports.

That would be pretty cool. Then, I wouldn’t have to buy new shoes, I could wear the ones I have, comfortably.



  1. YAYYY! Good research!

  2. Awesome news! And good thing you checked into it! :D

  3. I'm kinda in the same boat with shoes except I have suuuuper flat feet. I never even thought to check my benefits but I am going to see a podiatrist in September. Good luck and keep us posted!

  4. Good stuff! It's pretty cool what employers cover sometimes. Mine covered most of the cost of my (super pricey) glasses, which was neat. You just gotta read through all the policies and paperwork :)


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