Yeah! ING Referrals

So thanks to my mom who used my ING referral code. I scored $25 free this morning! I've moved it into my E-fund and updated the side bar!


  1. That's so weird! Just this morning I was thinking about doing an ING account, just to help keep money seperate so I can't get access to it right away. Then CleverDude.com posted referral links for $25 for opening an ING savings with $250, so I took advantage of that. And now you're posting about ING too! That is just so strange! =)

    I have to admit, I have all my money with one bank, so putting money in a different bank (let alone an ONLINE bank with limited access) kind of freaks me out a little. I know a lot of PF Bloggers have ING savings because of the good rates, so I'm assuming it's a-okay to use. ;) It's always a little scary doing something new.

  2. They are sure quick to credit the bonus eh? Mine was there right away, too. I'm glad I was able to help you and myself.


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