Making More Money!

I read Money Funk's post, about 28 ways to make more money, this morning and got an idea.

I'm going to look into becoming an Avon Lady.  There's none that are active in my neighborhood, so there wouldn't be any significant competition.  How do I know that?  I've lived in my current home for nearly three years, and an Avon sales rep (let alone any other door-to-door sales rep) has not yet come knocking.

I don't really know how it would work, but I went to their Canadian website and sent away for some information.  My Great Aunt (who lives in another part of the city) has an Avon lady, so I'm going to see if I can talk to her about it.  See how much money making potential their really is.

I'll let you folks know more about it, as I learn about it too.

Has anyone out there ever done this, or something like it, before?


  1. Auntie sold Avon herself for many years. I would think about whatever other home party products there are and research them too.

  2. Do Avon Ladies really go knocking anymore? A friend of mine sold Avon at her workplace. Might be something else to consider. :)

  3. I say go for it. But give it your all, your 100%. Lots of people try different things without committing to it. And they get bad results. So do it, but focus on it. And I'm sure you will succeed.

  4. There's also Watkins, which is home products that aren't related to makeup, and of course, Mary Kay, which is fancier Avon.

  5. ...Or the thing with the sexy in-home parties!


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