Starlight - Month One

Well, it's actually been two weeks since Starlight (my horse) has moved to Calgary. I thought I would do a summary post in terms of where I stand when it comes to what I thought I would spend on her in the first month.

Vaccinations were just about spot on. I still have one to give her (it's basically a nasal spray which will be awkward and she'll hate me for) and the other is a booster shot to one of the injections I already gave her. The pregancy test is probably a nix b/c a recently gelded gelding (boy horse who has been 'cut') mounted her and he probably wouldn't have done that unless she was in heat (smelled good and was ripe for the picking). I will probably still get her tested in a month if she starts to show.

My cousin did take the $50 I offered to help with the gas in moving her to Alberta which I was expecting but hoping he wouldn't.

The place where I am boarding her actually gave me a discount for the month of August because she wasn't there for the first three days of it. That was pretty awesome!

The few items i NEEDED tack wise, didn't cost as much as I thought they would and I can still wear my old riding boots althought I would really really like a new pair of ropers (riding boots that lace up, not traditional cowboy boots).

I've only had to bump my gas budget up by about $15 ( I think ) to compensate for the extra driving around. So this is also good news.

Unfortunatly, my cinch is an inch or two too large so I thought I would have to buy a new one ($75 ish)...however; as it turns out someone i know as a leather hole puncher (that he leant me)! Heeyah! That means, I can just fix the piece of leather that the cinch (think of it as a belt for a horse) connects to the body of the saddle with. This is excellent because it means I won't have to buy a cinch or a leather hole puncher!

There is a rivet missing from my saddle which means I can't use the breast plate until that is fixed. It's something that my dad figures is really important, but starlight has never been a bucker so I'm not too worried about it.

So there you have it - my first month with Star.

Going forward, the only ongoing fixed cost will be her month board/feed which will range between $90-$165 month depending on how much hay is required for feed.

*Much appologies if there was too much horse-related language in there... feel free to ask questions if your interested.

17 days until I am credit card debt free!



  1. Nice post Jess! Man she is cheap...I thought I had it cheap with Grayson since my board is only $125 but you have it great!

    What do you feed her? You guys probably have beautiful hay up there, huh?

    Grayson is getting 4 pounds of Nutrena's Safe Choice and 20 pounds of coastal bermuda hay.

    So are you thinking she's preggo?

  2. @Julie K.

    thanks Julie! I thought of you/Grayson when I wrote it.

    I was lucky that I found board/feed that inexpensive! The amenities are few, but it works for us. She's got about 15 acres that she's sharing with 3 or 4 other horses with free running water and I've got a tack room to keep my saddle safe and dry.

    He feeds alphalpha rich hay, but I'm afraid I don't have a proper name for it... There's a bit of a shortage this year, so he had to go aways away to get it.

    I have an apple tree in my yard in the city, so she'll get lots of apple-treats coming soon! I will also probably pick up some good quality oats in the winter that are slow to digest so she keeps warm.

    She spent an unmonitored six days with a stud, so she may be pregnant, if she is, she would give birth sometime in March which is scary because it would be very very cold here still. I want to get her checked out juuust in case. That way I'll be able to make proper preparations for her and her foal

  3. Aw, horsey! No horses here where I live. We only have rabbits and an occasional wild turkey here ;)

    I really like your blog. Let me know if you'd like to do a blog roll swap!

  4. I feel like you need a "The experience and love of owning a horse: Priceless" underneath that chart. :) Looks like you stayed well under budget! That's awesome. And hooray until you're credit-card debt free! It's so soon!

  5. OMG. I just found a container of syrynges and needles from Dubie.(sp?) I'll keep them for you if you like


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