Extra Funds Coming In

I have good news on two fronts.

1. My landlord has asked me to mow the lawn of her neighboring rental property. She'll give me $60/month until she finds new tenents.

2. One of the other divisions in my company is behind on their filing and would like some help. I have been asked if I would put in the OT to help them out. I'm thinking of saying yes, but given that this division, is not mine, I don't want to lose the 2.5 hours each week. If they will let me clock an extra 2.5 hrs so I don't 'lose' it; then I'll say yes.

I'm not really excited about more overtime because I'd like to be spending that time out with my horse, but a couple days a week wouldn't hurt me.

So far, those are the only leads I have to make up for my 'Epic Jar Fail'.



  1. But they are both good leads, and beat the heck out of a mall job

  2. Extra money on the horizon is always something to look forward to! :)


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