A few weeks (?) ago, I mentioned that I would be moving my horse, Starlight, back to within driving distance. In my post Weekend Spending Forcast, Manshu, from OneMint mentioned that he (I'm assuming, Manshu might be a she) would like to read a post about Starlight. So here it is.

When I was 11, I started asking my dad for a horse. He told me no for a full year. "Jessie" he said, "We are just not horse people".

The following summer, after my 12th birthday, I asked my dad again if I could have a horse. This time, he said yes! I was so surprised! I started scouring newspapers and asking around town about who might have a horse for me. I thought a horse might cost me a few thousand dollars, and had as much saved up for her.

As it turned out, a friend of the family (my grandmother's, brothers friend) had a young quarter horse with no home. The horse was originally intended as a gift for his neice (?); however the family did not want her. When my grandmother mentioned to him that her grandaughter (me) was looking for my first horse - he gave her to me.

I could not ride her for the first year (no one should rise a horse before the age of three due to the development of their bodies/bones), but I brushed her and saw her nearly every weekend.

The following summer, I finally got to ride her!

By the time I was finished highschool my family had as many as four horses! Right under my dad's nose, we had all become, horse people.

I went off to college, and Starlight had to stay behind. There was no room, and no money to bring her to the big city. For the past six years, we have tried to find ways to bring her to me or me to her - but it just hasn't worked out, until now. My parents slowly got rid of their horses as their interests and lifestyles changed. For the last year, Starlight has lived with my aunt/uncle in Southern BC. They have also made some changes, and no longer had room for her.

It is wound up being, perfect timing. I am in a place in my life where I can afford the time, and the money to have her with me again. I want to be able to ride again and am so excited for that.

So now, at 25 (me) and 15 (starlight) we are back together again!


  1. aww! glad you guys are going to be reunited!!

  2. She looks beautiful! I showed Grandma and Kara your blog. We think you need to LEAVE YOUR CREDIT CARD AT HOME while shopping.

  3. Awww she is so beautiful. Congrats on being back together again. =)

  4. Aw, what a pretty horse. My mom grew up with horses and owns one now and loves it. We have horse stuff all over our house. :)

  5. What a great story! Thank you so much for writing and sharing.

  6. What a nice story! And, I have to say I`m impressed that you were able to save so much at 11! Beautiful horse :)

  7. That's soo exciting! What breed is she? Quarter? I have a four-year-old Pasoloosa (ha ha Paso Fino and Appaloosa...we think) named Grayson. Horses are the best therapy ever and he's worth every single cent I spend on him.

    Do you ride English or Western?

  8. Thanks for all of the great comments everyone!

    @MPP - do you ride horseback too, or is that something that just your mom does?

    @Jamie - I had a big thing for saving all of my pennies when I was little & I collected a LOT of pop/beer bottles. It actually started (well one of the reasons) because I had first saved up a few hundred dollars for a rabbit. I had my rabbit given to me, so i just kept on saving for my horse, and then she was given to me!

    @Julie - she is a Quarter Horse :) I do beleive you are right, horses provide amazing therpy, they are worth every cent! I ride Western, how about yourself?

  9. Aww!! Good to know that you are finally able to get your horse to be near you :) Sweet looking horse too might I add!

  10. Thanks to OneMint for the shout out to Starlight....



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