Wow - I've posted a lot about this lately. oh well.

So, I'm going to request a 30 hour OT payout for the next pay period (July 24, 3009). Then on that pay date, I should have about another 30 that I can request. I'm tired of waiting, and I really want to see some $$ for all of my extra work.

In two weeks, I'll let you know how much extra funds I actually get and update you on my VISA progress.


I couldn't help myself - I went to the CRA website and looked up their Payroll Deductions Online Calculator.

According to them (which i figure is pretty accurate) I'll get abooout an extra $300 because of the masses of deductions that an extra 30 hours gives me (pushes me into a higher tax bracket).

*sigh.... half, I'm losing half. If taxes and deductions didn't exist I would get $602.

But - $300, is $300 - and it will help. I'll keep putting in OT and hopefully beat this credit card beast down.


  1. I HATE that!!! Ugh. Hopefully you'll see that other $300 around tax time? But probably not. :(

    I remember when I used to work OT, I would figure out exactly how much OT would bump me into the next tax bracket - and work just under. lol.

    But you're right $300 will do good damage on that Visa!

  2. Sorry, this is off-topic, but I remembered something about crafts. If you have a Micheal's near you I would sign up for their email program, they regularly send me coupons for 30-50% off and I know they have craft supplies.


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