Revised Goals for 2009

I spent my lunch hour looking at my bi-weekly budgets from now until the first week of January, 2010 and I beleive the following to be some pretty solid goals that I can acheive.

1. Pay off my credit card
2. Have a debt free Christmas
3. Replenish my emergency fund to a minimum of $1000
4. Start a 'future fund' and save a minimum of $500
(I will explain this more when I open the account)
5. Have a minumum of $3000 in my RRSP accounts

When I started this blog back in January, 2009 I listed my goals here.

I beleive that I have acheived my first goal which was to become less neurotic about my finances. By no means am I completely calm and stress free at this point, but I have certainly come a long way. This blog, and the discovery of so many other personal finance blogs, has been an amazing resource for me. My second short term goal for 2009 was to pay off my credit card, as you know, I should be there within the next four weeks.



  1. I'm glad you feel more settled about your plans, and have goals that are solid and do-able

  2. Awesome! Coming into the new year I had set all these goals and things I wanted to accomplish, but SO many things came up and my goals have shifted as well. But that's life, I guess! ;)

  3. You are making great progress; congratulations! Personally, I have "skills" targets as well. For example, learn PHP by the end of this year. It helps me increase my skill set, generate additional sources of revenues and ultimately help financial goals.

  4. Good work Jessie!

    I like that even if you don't achieve all of your yearly goals, you realize that you made it a long way.

    Keep working at it! You're doing great! :D

  5. Good luck! It's excellent to have goals! =)


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