House Fund - Update


So for the last 3 weeks Jordan and I have been at my aunts every Saturday and most Sundays doing yard work. There's some things that we help out each week (like mowing the lawn) but we've been working on a fairly large project. We cut back her out of control hedges which were a little horror film (about 7 feet tall) to about 3 feet tall.

It was a large time commitment, but we really didn't mind the work. I enjoyed being outside and spending some time with her - and it's not as though we had other plans. It sure has kept me from spending as much money on the weekends.

Yesterday we stopped by with some new bins to keep her bird seed in (the squirrels were getting into her old ones) - and she had a cheque for us for $250!!! What?! yeah!

She said she'd have to pay someone to do the work if we didn't and she thought it was fair. She said she'd continue to pay us for mowing the lawn and for any other big jobs that we help her out with. The deal with this is, that the money has to go into our house fund. Jordan and I are both fine with that.

I made the transfer this morning, and our house fund is now sitting at $4,412.54 which is 35.3% of our Tier one goal!


  1. Awesome!! That $250 sure helped! How nice :)

  2. You are going to hit that goal before you know it!

  3. Jessie ... I think you have the most supportive Mom in the world.

  4. @ Frugal - it sure was nice, we weren't expecting it at all!

    @ Mom - Thanks!! It's pretty exciting how fast it's growing

    @Anon - Thanks! I think she's pretty fantastic!

  5. Mad respect for chipping away at your house fund. Keep on finding money through odd jobs and it will grow faster and faster :)

  6. Wow, I'm so impressed that you've already reached over $4000! I feel like I should start a house fund too. ;) And I agree with Anonymous: i love reading your mom's comments!

  7. Congrats! You're commitment is quite commendable! All the best!


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