August 7th - Bi Weekly Budget

It's that time again, payday!

Thank you again to everyone who gave feedback on my epic jar fail. I've decided to not pay myself back the full amount I spent on my visa, and instead continue to work the jars.

This is what the next two weeks will look like:
Yes, there is about $230 dollars left over, that is because our utility bill for enmax doesn't come out this time until the 24th. I need this money (part of my roomates share and mine) to carry over to pay for the bill in the next pay period.

I have about $30 carrying over from last pay period. This is in part becase my horse board was $84 not $90 for this month as well as a few other small things.

You can also probably see that I've managed to squeeze an extra $200 out of my pay to cover 2/5 of my visa spending last month. Looking forward, I have about $100 I can use next pay period as well.

My total jar money is $250, where last month it was $300. I am keeping some funds in clothing/gifts because I need new work shoes and I increased my transportation by $10 (due to traveling to see Starlight). I decreased my entertainment by half as well as decreased my 'everything else' by half. I'm confident in doing this for two reasons:
  1. I bought just about everything I'll need for Starlight last pay period (that hit my 'everything else' jar pretty hard)
  2. Starlight is now going to be a big part of my entertainment
I am hoping that when Jordan gets paid next week, he will join me in using the jars. I don't (at this point) thing it's necessary to combine EVERYTHING, however; I think starting with the 'food jar' would be the perfect place to try using the jars together.

He will also probably be giving me an extra $100 or so to cover half of Kanin's gift ($60) and some other odds and ends that I picked up (some of the shoppers drug mart expenditures, and gas for his truck). If he's got room to do that, that $$ will go straight to my Visa.

All in all, I'm looking forward to staying on track and having a successful next couple of weeks.


  1. Oh, that's a tight budget! Good luck!

    Have an awesome weekend! :D Jamie

  2. @ Jamie - it is tight, but it's only for two weeks. Here's hoping I can make it through.

    Hope you have a great weekend too!!

  3. If you guys are eating all your meals together, then definitely he should be contributing to the food jar. I mean, it is only fair, right? =)

    Sending you good jar thoughts for a more successful jar month!


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