Laser Eye Surgery

Not too long ago while visiting my mom, she mentioned that if she were my age she would be saving for Laser Eye Surgery.... In thinking about this I did a little googling to see what options there are in my city.

It seems there is a handful of different options
Has anyone either considered or received laser eye surgery? Was it worth it?

My benefits at work will be $250 every two years towards the cost of the surgery. Every two years, I can re-submit the same claim until it is completly paid for. So I would have an upfront cost, and then receive paymetn as long as I stayed with my company.



  1. I've considered it myself and I would definitely go for it if my company paid me back for it. My company doesn't even pay for glasses! I know Lasik and probably others have payment plans as well if you were worried about the upfront costs. Something to look into. Just think about the future savings from not having to purchase new glasses and/or contacts/solution, etc

    That's my opinion anyway!

  2. I had Lasik done in 2002. I had no troubles afterwards and it was purely heaven to be able to see first thing in the morning after 20 years of NOT. I loved not having to worry about contacts and solutions.

    My eyes changed about 2 years ago, though. Just enough that distances were blurry and signs could not be read easily. I went in and they said I could have one more treatment done but that was it or there was risk of scar tissue. I decided to wait and see if my eyes stayed the same or continued to change as there was no point in getting it done and then needing glasses/contacts in a few years again.

    Currently I am in contacts.

  3. I had it done in 2005. I LOVE IT. Talk to your optometrist about who he would recommend. Mine sent me to Gimble, which is more expensive but have a great track record. You do not want to go cheap on your eyes. Phone your place of choice and get an appointment. They will quote on the price. You may be surprised at how much it will cost, but there quoted price normally lasts for a year (?) or so. I got my eyes done on a Friday afternoon and was back at work on Monday with no problems.

  4. First thing to do that compare cost and find lasik eye reviews.


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