Credit Card Debt Repayment - Update

WOW! I'm so pumped, it's rediculous.

Only one more pay period and I'll be credit card debt free!!! Just two more little itty bitty payments (okay not so little, but STILL!!). I feel like a little kid, so excited!

I will be credit card debt free in 10 days!


  1. Woohoo!!! So close!

  2. Your pride in yourself radiates off the page! And you should be. You have set a goal and worked toward it, and, even when you had a setback, you persevered. You are a young woman I am proud to know.

  3. Yaaah! I'm soooo excited for you!

  4. SO happy for you!!!! :)

  5. It is very exciting! Now keeping the charges off the cards is the hard part, right? ;)

  6. You're doing very well. As rainyday said, keeping charges off will definitely be a hard thing to do. It will be exciting for you to target that money you were using for CC repayment, to another direction.

  7. That is SO exciting, Jessie! I'm really happy for you. I've paid off cards before and I loved the feeling. You'll be so happy and proud once it's GONE!

  8. @ Pretty Pennies - I can almost taste it I'm so close!

    @ Mom - wow, thank you! Sometimes you know just exactly what to say!

    @Julie - thanks!! me too!

    @Frugal - Thanks so much!!

    @Rainy - This is something I'm actually a little worried about, but I hope to keep using the jars and continuing down this awesome journey!

    @Julie - I'm so excited to have that money to use for other things... I've already re-done my budget and posted it a few days ago

    @Bank - I'm pumped for it, thanks so much!

  9. Great job Jessie! Keep up the hard work.

    I found that having a planned spending account for the stuff that I would've put on my credit card was the only way I got around reusing it after paying it off. It'll take a while to build up, but it will be worth it.

    Just remember how good it feels to have come this far and how crappy it feels to be in debt, that should keep you in line ;P

    Take care, Jamie

  10. that is amazing - congrats!!!

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