Getting Handy

Recently we had a dryer malfunction....not so good anytime but especially in the weeks leading up to a wedding (*eek).  Most of you know that we rent, so it should be easy right?  Just call the landlord and they'll get it sorted out.

Not so easy when we have a secret...a big secret:

Given that we have this large secret that needs to be kept until Christmas - we had to fix the dryer ourselves.  By we, I mean Jordan.  He did a pretty impressive Job too!  It wound up costing us about $50 for two different parts - it seems that in the recent power outage two things got messed up.  I wish I could talk more intelligently than 'things' but I do have some pictures to share:


  1. That is a big secret but it brought about a DIY and it helped to teach you some stuff.

  2. Cute secret! Nice job on the cheap fix, that's wonderful :)


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