Networth Update

Wow, another month has just flown by hasn't it!

Our networth continues to increase bit, by bit with steady debt repayment and growth in our retirement and other investment plans.  This month we've gone up 2.71% overall to just shy of $105,000.

We're down to $8,500 owing on the Escape, and $19,500 on the Kia with the LOC up to $24K...yes, I said up.  It went up a bit.  I paid of the c/c using the LOC so we didn't get hit by big interest charges.

We might have some good news soon though with both my and Jordan's salary - so we should get the LOC going down more significantly by the years end.

Oh?  You want to know what we spent using the C/C and why we didn't plan (read, have the cash) for it?  I was hoping no one would ask.  Okay...here goes:

  • Renewed our satellite radio subscriptions ($100)
  • Replaced the smashed passenger side mirror on the Kia ($600)
  • New 10 year passport ($180)
  • New prescription for glasses ($180) - waiting for reimbursement
  • Stuff for making wine ($180)
  • Birthdays (probably $1,000 between the both of us)
  • A variety of clothes, gifts, eating out ect)
All told - I added about $3K to the LOC today by paying of the M/C.

I'm very overdue for a spending reconciliation...going to be hard, but it's going to get done and posted this week.

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