House Update Wednesday

Every Tuesday Jordan and I receive an email with an update to the progress of our new home, I've decided that each Wednesday I'll do a post update you on what's going on.

So far the property was excavated and our foundation was poured here's a picture from this past weekend:

Currently, your house will be back-filled tomorrow, and at your request, I asked our Site Supervisor if possession was still tentatively set for sometime in November.
I am pleased to tell you that everything is running on schedule and the estimated month for possession is still set for November.
So so so excited!   Including today, that's 89 days until possession...assuming the very last day of the month in November! Wowza!  


  1. Lots is going to happen in a very short time!

  2. You may have mentioned this but how many square feet is it?

    Also - how did your NKE go??

  3. Nice. I will be looking forward to these post.


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