Sub Floor Woes

Pretty, pretty sub-floor.

Not only did we find a lot of random holes in the original sub-floor, we also found an electrical outlet that had been covered up by old flooring.  Whenever you undertake renovations of this size, you're always expecting some unexpected finds...but the outlet...that was weird.  We actually found others under wall paper and hidden in other strange places too.

This is a good couple of shots of the subfloor going in.  We thought it might be something we could do, but after talking to our general contractor (who happens to also be my uncle), he advised us that his team should do it.  We didn't have to take out the old subfloor, but they had to tie in the new one really well.


  1. Curious .... was the random outlet somewhere that a Christmas tree might have been placed? I have seen two houses where they had a grand spot for a tree with 360 degrees access and had a plug there so no cords were in the way. In the off season they cover it up with a rug.

    1. You know....that's entirely possible. It was in the flooring where we would have our dining room table set up, but it was close to the big window there. Maybe they had a smaller table, and had the tree in that spot?! I hadn't thought of that.


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