Appliance Rebate

Before moving in, we are doing some pretty extensive renovations.  Namely our kitchen and bathroom.  The kitchen was pretty dismal.  It had a poor layout, no dishwasher, a pocket fridge and an apartment size stove/oven in an IKEA plug and play counter.

We decided to upgrade all of the appliances and eventually decided on the GE slate line.  

So pretty! 

Our set is close to this but instead of a microwave we have a chimney hood vent and our fridge ice maker is on the interior.

Now, on to the appliance rebate.  I checked the BC Hydro site - and it turns out that they were having a refrigerator rebate program on.  I applied, and about six weeks later, found out that I was approved for $100.  

I decided for a bill credit rather than a cheque, and should see that on a future bill in the next month or so.  Woo hoo!  

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