Honey Moon Spending

This picture is like straight out of a postcard stand...
but we actually took it with our new fancy camera.

Jordan and I planned on spending about $3,000 while in Vegas (not including our flights)....here's how we did:

The shows category includes tickets to see the Blue Man Group, Penn & Teller as well as front row tickets to Zoomanity - a Cirque Du Solei production.

Entertainment included going to Madame Tussauds wax museum, The Gun Store,  the Mandalay Shark Reef and even getting a couples massage!

Stuff included things we bought for ourselves that weren't clothes...things like: books, perfume, a suitcase, duty free alcohol cigars, and  tourist 'we did that' Tshirts among other things.

so...wow!  Are you surprised?  I actually am.  I thought we would have been somewhere between three and four thousand...I didn't think we'd topple four!  Wow!  Serves us right for not keeping track while we were there.

We have never been on a vacation (other than camping) together so this was an eye opener for how much cabbing and eating out everyday costs!

Part of my gift to Jordan was to not be so focused on money while we were celebrating our union together - I wanted to give us both a break from thinking and talking about money all the time.  We both knew we were coming back to a pile of debt and that things were going to be very tight for sometime...which means talking about money and saying no a lot.

I don't regret a single purchase and am so pleased with our trip, it was absolutely amazing!

We did even make some decisions that helped us save several hundred dollars and probably prevented us from going over $5,000.

 We didn't bring a single device with us, so no big cell phone bills to pay and we also went grocery shopping to supplement our eating out.  We ate breakfast in six out of the seven days we were in Vegas as well as cooking supper in twice.

Our accommodation was gifted to us by my grandparents which was a HUGE savings!  The bill we had was from a few meals charged to the room and one extra night.

So that's the honey moon spending...questions?  Comments?


  1. Adding things up is crazy scary, eh. It sure adds up fast.

  2. Wow that's a lot of money! Looks like you had a good time though :)

  3. @ Mom - it sure is scary!

    @ Michelle - you're telling me...phew! it's a tonne of money.

  4. Just wondering - why didn't you guys do an all inclusive somewhere tropical? Me and my BF went to the Carribean for $2000 (for both) and it included all of our meals. I think it would have been a nice Honeymoon too!

  5. Expensive but no regrets = awesome

    You know what you have to do now to make up for it so just do it.

  6. Sounds like an awesome time though! That is a beautiful picture. What kind of camera did you get?

    And that fish, is that a lion fish? I saw some that look like that scuba diving in Dominican. Apparently they are very poisonous.

  7. We spent a lot of money on our honeymoon too, and I don't regret it. I feel it was money well spent! After looking at your budget and knowing what prices are in Vegas, you guys made out pretty well for a week long trip.

  8. @ Laura - thanks for commenting! I had felt like we did so well and then when I added everything up it was a little...shocking?

    @ Girl - you got it, a lion fish! There was a shark reef that we went and saw and they had all these really neat fish too!

    The camera is a Rebel Ti from Jordan's mom - it was a wedding present.

    @ Rafiki - thanks for the support, we'll get there!!

    @ Anonymous - Jordan has always wanted to go to Vegas and neither of us had ever been before. Plus I got where I wanted to get married, so it was fair that he chose the honeymoon spot :)

  9. wow.. that was so much to spend on one week! Did you save up for it, or was it all put on credit cards?

  10. @ Anon - we planned to (and did) use credit cards to maximize points and are currently paying that off as well as debt accumulated leading up the wedding.

    We were blessed with some amazing wedding gifts and were asked to use some of that money to have an amazing honey moon - so that's just what we did.


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