CC Debt

We owe....

...combined on three credit cards

don't judge us.....
okay, maybe judge for a minute.

it's okay, i'll wait...


okay...enough judgement. Come on, we just bought a car, adopted a dog, got married and had a honeymoon.

(excuses, excuses....we know)

but wait!  you're probably thinking...didn't you save for all of these things, and plan? 

yup, we did! and it wasn't enough...surprise!  Things cost more than you think.  Also...and here's the biggy - we had planned on cutting back our normal spending patterns (on fun things like booze and eating out) and didn't do a good enough job...every month for the last few months the debt's been creeping higher.

So - there it is, our omission of guilt.

Now...now we're going to deal with it - and really deal with it.

We're going to be homeowners come November/December (possession debt hasn't been released yet) - and we refuse to go into home ownership with any debt (other than the car - but that's next after the credit cards).  We've gotten out of the debt hole before, and we an do it again - it's like we've had some practise at this.

Monday - i'll share 'the plan'


  1. Ouch. It's scary when you add it up like that! I think that's why I don't do it. But I know you can do this! and quickly.

  2. Holy Mole.. On the bright side you have a plan and I know with everything settling down now you can knock off that debt in no time. YOU CAN DO IT!

  3. Wow that's pretty big but glad you have a plan! I know you two can do it.

  4. Things will settle down now. you've had a crazy, busy, expensive year! Now on to calmer days and smoother finances. Looking forward to hearing about your plan!

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  6. Weddings always cost more than you think! :)

    And I think you mean 'admission' of guilt, not 'omission'. To admit means to tell the truth - to omit means to leave out.

  7. @Barbara- funny I thought that typo was pretty accurate since I'm not seeing much admission of guilt here!
    "things cost more than you think" "we aimed to cut back on things but didn't"
    How about "we're terrible at budgeting" or "we don't care enough about dipping in and out of debt to really knuckle down and do what we should"

  8. Hey Hey and welcome back even though I am a little late. You've acknowledged the debt and I have a lot of faith in you that you will bring it down fast. Somehow I don't doubt it and I believe in whatever plan you have. Even if the expenses got a little out of order you seem to have total control.


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