Part of our plan to prepare to take possession of our new home is based on financial goals, the other part of that plan is to downsize significantly.  We have accumulated a lot of 'stuff' in the last four years in our rental.  Some our own, some past roommates items that have been left behind.  We're not interested in moving things that we don't have a place for in our new home.

I have been posting ads on kijiji.ca to get rid of some things around the house - and wow!  We've had a positive response.  I've already sold two ikea chairs and and ikea book shelf that we've had for sometime now.

I got $40 for the set of chairs and $75 for the book shelf:

Next on the list are a couple of coffee tables, an old couch, and old futon and a few lamps.  We'll be using the money we get from the sale of these items to bolster our cash budget to prevent us from using our credit cards and staying on track with debt repayment.
We may also earmark some to go towards any new items we need for the new place. 


  1. This is a smart idea. My husband and I moved two households together when we got married which left us with a substantial amount of extra furniture. Instead of purging we stuffed everything in. Now we are finally sorting through what can stay and what needs to go.

  2. Good plan, Jessie. A suggestion, if I may? Stash the cash for Christmas! That will help you stay on plan. Otherwise it will dribble away. Ask J - would you rather have Wendy's or Christmas?

  3. @ banclothing - thanks! So far our roommate has been really good about it too, as we sell things we're finding we have to start packing - which isn't such a bad thing either.

    @ mom - that's a great idea! Jordan was asking about where Christmas money was going to come from, so I'll suggest it.

  4. This is awesome for you as it will help with the budget or like your mom suggested xmas. I am still not sure how I am handling xmas myself.

  5. Exciting! I'm always surprised at the response on Craigslist and Kijiji :)

    I'm planning to sell the kitchen cupboards from our renovations and at first I listed it at $150 and get a ridiculous response so I delisted it and I think I"ll list it for $450.

    Hopefully we can use that $450 to buy the Hemnes Day Bed I've been eyeing for forever!


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