Canadian Mortgage Infographic

ING shared this infographic on Facebook today and I found it pretty interesting. I thought I would pass it along to all of you as well. It was produced by ratehub.ca. How do you measure up to these five statements? Here are my thoughts:

  1. I own less than 5% of my home (we bought a year ago)
  2. My contractual amortization is 25 years, we are set to have it paid off in 20
  3. We did qualify, and would still under the new mortgage rules
  4. I thankfully haven't had to consolidate debt on to a mortgage and hope I never have to
  5. We also chose a fixed rate



This Weekend

My brother and his girlfriend are coming to visit this weekend! yay!  They moved to another province...and it feels like forever since I've seen them.  My mom got them tickets to come home for a week and their first stop is my city.


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