so...The Summer Happened

I was talking with Jordan yesterday about our financial picture for the last quarter of the year and because we haven't talked about money for quite a while - we covered a lot.  In the beginning of the year, we set aside money for summer vacation, some travel and emergencies.  Since that time, we've spent all that money...and then some.  So it was a good idea to set that money aside, but we didn't forecast very well. As Jordan just said yesterday, 'the summer happened'.

So, Jordan and I have made plan to get back on track before Christmas hits.

  1. Cancel allowances for the next three months
  2. Increase our day-to-day spending by $50/week
  3. Put $50/week in savings for Christmas
  4. Continue to pay off Credit Card
We had talked about increasing our day-to-day spending weekly allotment once the card was paid off, but our sense is that it's not getting paid off because we're using the credit card to help supplement our day-to-day spending.  The theory is that we'll use the credit card less because we're giving ourselves a bigger spending budget - in the meantime we'll cancel our allowances (which neither of us have been spending much of lately) and re-direct that to our credit card.

On another positive note, our automobile insurance just went down - woohoo!

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