Possession Date Change

Guys!  It's been crazy busy over the last few weeks.

Our possession date for our new place moved up to June 3 from July 4th so we've been working on getting quote for the renovations we want to do. We've been to the city twice for my feet :/ and Little Man has split his first tooth!

I'm hoping over the next few weeks I can settle into a bit of a better writing routine again, but just wanted to say Hi, I'm still here.


April Spend Report

 Here we go...another month has gone by.

We spent about $150 or so more than we normally do on groceries.   We had a cold run through the house - first Jordan, then me and Little Man, and then my mom. It hit my mom harder than us, so I think we made it to the store a few more times then she did. We also ate out some this month...oops.

A couple of times were out of town and a couple of times were in town.  The big win here though, is that none of the eating out was on breakfast sandwiches,  etc. They were meals shared with family and friends.

Six months postpartum, I was desperate for clothes that weren't tights so we bought some clothes this month.  Just a couple pars of jeans and a dress for me.  Jordan got a sweater for work, and we got a cute outfit for Little Man.

The big budget line this month though, is under Home Maintenance.  This was the bill from our recent home inspection - which was well worth the money.

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