Weekend Update

Well I have found a few options for my horse that are less expensive then I originally anticipated. I THOUGHT that I would find something for around $500/month. I beleive I may be able to find somwhere to board her (with feed included) for about $150/month. I still need to go check out a couple of the farms I called - but we shall see.

Someone came to check out our room for rent on Saturday, he said he would get back to us by Sunday evening and unforutnatly we didn't hear from him. I'm going to call him this afternoon to see if he decided or not.

Jordan had a great birthday yesterday, we were pretty low key - I cooked a lot (including two birthday pies). He wanted ribs and baked potatoe for his bday supper. He loved his presents too!

$$ wise things are going okay - I still owe myself a few hundred bucks on my credit card, and I'm hoping i can put it away soon. I put a few extra $$ on it already because of the GST rebate and other such things.

I just realized it's the 6th of the month - which means I can check online and get all of the utility bills. which means I'll get $$ from my roomates for those within the next couple of days.

hmm... what else

we went to the calgary stampede on saturday. saw a girlfriend of mine and a few of her friends - did some wondering, bought some things, just hung out mostly. it was fine - but it was really the same 'ol, same 'ol. Nothing all to spectactular. Jordan paid for everything and my aunt gave us the tickets so that was pretty excellent (I bought beer for drinking on J's birthday yesterday).

I think that's just about everything for my weekend update.

I'm going to try to bank another 10 hours this week. I think that very soon I'm going to run out of OT tasks I can complete at work. So I may not reach my 75 hours. I will still be happy with myself if I do every thing that is offered/I can come up with, for OT.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. enjoy that GST while you can. It will probably dry up next year.

  2. Wow, $150/month! Nice! Hopefully it all goes through!!

    mmmm... ribs! ;)

  3. Your right - this year is probably my last when it comes to GST cheques. Enjoying it isn't really the word I would use though when I use it to pay off my CC.

    Thanks Frugal! I hope so too!


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