Overtime Update

Managed to squeeze in a few more hours over the last few days. Today I got 2.0 rather then 2.5 due to a company function, and yesterday I got 2.5hrs. So not bad. Hopefully tomorrow I can get another 2.5.

Unforutnatly, the main part of my OT project is pretty much over. I'm going to talk to Boss and Boss Jr. about this next week to see if there is anything else I can do, but that could be it.

Right now I have enough hours to net me abooouut $250ish, which would wipe out one of my CC repayments. I'm going to hold off though, and request the payout once this weeks hours have been added to my 'bank' (this weeks hours will be banked by about Wednesday next week). I will requst ALL of my hours so far to be paid out for the following pay period.

After that, I will probably still try to get a few hours in here and there, but there won't be quite the drive for it.

Having a few banked hours is almost like an 'extra' Efund or safety net; as if I were to get laid off - they would have to pay out all remining time.; and if I had overdrawn on Vacation time; that could take care of it (I haven't, but you never know).

We'll see how it all shakes down next week.

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  1. Getting close now! Next payday will be under $700 and in you have $200ish from OT you will be under $500. I think you could spare $50 from your OT for work shoes, if you havn't bought them yet.


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