Oops - I Feel Silly

So i've been working on implementing the jar system, and found out what my weekly amounts would be. The numbers just wern't jiving.

But wait! I budget on a bi-weekly basis. silly jessie. Here's what the next two weeks will look like. Green type is what's coming in, Red type is what's going out and green highlight has already happened. These leaves me with a little bit of $$ left over for things like my mom's birthday (Happy Birthday Today Mom!) and our trip to my hometown this weekend.

That extra Vpayment you see there, is because I put groceries on my visa last night instead of using debit - silly me, old habits are hard to break. I also argued with AMA a bit, but I have to pay for their annual membership to have insurance with them. I'm defninately going to be doing a lot of posting about vehicle insurance come renewal time.

Also - my horse board might be a little less the $90, it'll probably be $81, but I'll budget for the full amount just in case.

I feel like I'm forgetting something, but time will tell.

I printed off lables for my jars, woohoo!


  1. Looks great!! Hope this is a success for you!

  2. Is you jar $ bi-weekly too? Or is your "extra" cash really the next weeks jar $$?

  3. The 'Jar Money' that is above - is to cover me for the two week period starting tomorrow until my next pay day - august 7.

    I could have put that extra $125 on my Visa, but b/c we're coming home to visit i thought I would keep that as a buffer, just in case - so I don't use my Visa. I really have no idea if it will be enough $$ for me, I'm hoping that the visual of the jars really works and I spend less.


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