Credit Card Debt Repayment

:D I just got my paystub for tomorrow's pay. I've got enought $$ from my OT to put an additional $300 towards my visa (as promised). So as of 12:01am tonight, or rather tomorrow morning - I will owe about $940 on my credit card! 8 weeks after that the debt WILL BE GONE!

On top of that, my grandma gave me a little $$ for my birthday. What that means is I have $150 for my jars for July 24th to August 6th and $150 for August 7th to August 20th. Plus, after next pay period I should have $150 left over to cover any additional horse-related costs. So Yay Me! I do have 10 hours banked, and I'll probably be able to put in an additional 10 next week that I can request to be paid out the following week. I'm happy this morning!

My Mantra for the next few weeks: do not use your credit card, do not use your credit card, do not use your credit card....there, hopefully that helps.



  1. Wow that's awesome! Sounds like you are making some serious progress. It'll all be paid off before you know it. Congrats :)

  2. That OT definitely paid off. I might have missed it but when are you starting your magic jars?

  3. Great job Jessie! That debt will be gone really soon and all that OT will feel totally worth it!

  4. @MPP - Thanks! I'm soo looking forward to it. The encouragement I get from comments and reading other blogs has been great!

    @Jolie - At first I thought that I wouldn't be able to start until August - but now I think I can start tomorrow (payday)!! Which is pretty exciting. I have the jars all set up in room, and I'll have enough cash!

    @Jamie - Thanks!! I can almost feel it now, it will be amazing to have this credit card paid off!

  5. It's very exciting to start. I made little labels and it was great fun to stuff each jar. I made envelopes to put any of the extra money left over each week. It can add up some months and then I used most of it for a snowflake. Have fun!

  6. @Jolie

    I like the idea of putting the extra $$ in a separate place! Though, I suppose there are arguments for carrying $$ over, or for putting it in a separate Jar/envelope. I'll have to figure that out soon.


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