Coversations about Money

So I just had the coolest conversation with my boss, ever!

He uses the Jars.

He made a comment about my open toe shoes, which we are not allowed to wear at work because it’s a health & safety concern. I said something about ‘it’s not in the budget this month’ but that I would work it in soon.

That little tidbit of sharing had him launching into what he and his wife do to manage their finances.

He said that he and wife have used the mason jars for a great number of years. They’ve since moved on to just tracking their expenses via an excel spreadsheet, but the principals are the same. They weren’t in crazy debt – and the reason for that, is they have always managed their money, tracked their spending, had goals – and met them!

I told him that I had actually just started on the ‘magic jars’ (he hadn’t heard of Gail Vaz Oxlade!), last pay day, and so far so good!

He said the great benefit, is when both you and your partner (*cough *cough, Jordan) are on the same page with them. He also said, make sure you’ve got a bit of fun money in there too!

It just felt good to know someone else who uses them, and who it works for (b/c TV people aren’t real?... )



  1. Wow, that's really awesome. I also can't wear open toed shoes at work - but I haven't been able to for over 9 years, so I would be hard pressed to FIND some open toed shoes in my closet. =)

    I love conversations like that. It makes the world feel a little bit smaller somehow to know there is someone that you know doing the same things that you did.

    I think his advice about getting partners on the same page is a really great one. I have a lot of trouble just because Mr. Baseball and I AREN'T on the same page. The problem is that when we TALK about money he agrees with me, but in PRACTICE it never works out like how we talked. =\

  2. It's nice to get to talk to your boss like that; makes life that much easier.

  3. Cool for you. Check your benefits for orthotics (probably prescription ones) so you can waer flats comfortably

  4. I've always been bothered how money is such a taboo subject for most - it's cool you could relate to your boss like that!


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