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I have far too much stuff going on in my head.

I’m trying to be very calm, and just figure things out (to do with my horse) at a reasonable pace; however now that I’ve made the decision to bring her home – I want to do it straight away.

I know that I don’t need to worry about saddles and other gear b/c my parents didn’t sell my gear (just theirs), so I should be able to pick that up from them within the next couple of weeks.

I’ve arranged to look at two different places. One has pasture ($90/month in the summer and $150/winter), the other is paddock – which is just smaller parcels of field, I think – ($150/month).

Both places seem to have options in terms of keep tack (saddles, bridles etct) in locked barns, but it will be interesting to see the difference. I think they are both pretty similar in distance too, but on opposite sides of the city.

I’m also thinking that I might need to buy my own horse trailer (I’m thinking anywhere from $1000-$3000), but I’ll need to talk to my parents about that, in case I’m getting ahead of myself.

But realistically – if she’s in Calgary, I’m going to need to be able to move her around, take her to different farms if necessary… bring her to different places to ride….what if there was an emergency and I had to get her to a vet….


I’m not going to sell her, I’m just going to figure this out.

I think I will start with looking at my budget to see what I have to work with....

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  1. Call around to equine vets and see who will come to her. Burwash in Springbank has her in his files - maybe he visits farms. Farriers do. If you can ride without trailering that would be worth something in terms of boarding fees.


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