Project: Overtime

So far, I feel a little behind on the OT for this week. I've banked another 4.5 hours so far. If I want to meet my target of 10 hours I need another 2.75 for Thursday and Friday. I beleive that I'll be getting up at 5:30, not 6:30 for the rest of the week.

I'm going away again on the Wed/Thurs/Fri of next week - so that one will be a wash as well in terms of banking overtime. But I should be ablet to do another 10 and 10 for the last two weeks of the month - if I can keep myself busy. I don't think I have another 25 hours of OT.

So, perhaps I will request a pay out when I reach 37.5 (half of my goal) - and then slowly work my way up to another 37.5 - if possible.

I think sometimes - I set myself for these perpetual states of not reaching goals....I tend to make them juuust out of reach.


Going to go look at another farm tonight - this guy wants $150/month - no matter the season. He is on the other side of the city (on my home town side).


  1. 37 hours of OT is a lot of hours! That's essentially 2 extra weeks of work!! :) Good job!!

    And hopefully the farm works out. $150 isn't bad at all! :D

  2. You do set very high goals. Is it de-motivating to miss, or do you stretch to meet them? The trick is to give yourself credit for what you do achieve. And do you really want to achieve the goal more than you want a patio set? Taking the payout early would lessen the interest you pay on your Visa, may allow you to put the card away, and let you really get on track.


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