so...I cancelled my WOW subscription.

Not perminently by any means, but I've been playing my DS and my new Wii game that Jordan gave me when I have a few minutes to play a video game - but mostly - I've just been spending so much time outdoors (which is fantastic), so what's the point in continuing to pay $15/month for something I'm not really using right now.

WOW is pretty great in that I can cancel and start my subscription as often as I like, and my characters just get put on hold in their servers.  I don't ever have to start over.

Here is my WOW Character (for those readers that play)...i know there's, what - two of you?



  1. I play!


    I don't play hardcore, it's fun and relaxing for me (I love PvP!) Just started running instances with my guild, too.

  2. Love it! Thanks for sharing your link!


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