Student Loan Update

It is a little awkward to see, but I wanted to share with your the progress on my Alberta Student Loan.  At the time I captured this image, my $300 payment on July 9, 2010 hadn't been processed yet.  When it does, my total amount owing will be $3393.26.  That means I have about 11 and a half payments left!  



  1. My Alberta Student Loan is bigger than yours and I feel sick whenever I open the browser window to look at it. arggh (I'm a long way from even starting to pay it off though -- doing my MSc. now and won't be graduating for 2-3 years, so just stuffing extra cash into a savings account to pay it down then).

    Congrats on your progress though! What a difference boosting payments from $75 to $200-$300 made! wow!

  2. You're doing fantastic! This loan is going to be ancient history in no time!!


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