My Last Bi-Weekly Budget

It's a little anti-climatic but this is my last bi-weekly budget I'll be posting - going forward Jordan and I will have a monthly budget that we post and an end-of-the-month spending re-cap. There will probably be a few posts around our allowances and how their working out as well.

You'll notice that I have none of my normal ING Transfers going through, they've been put on hold until August 6, 2010. What am I doing with the extra money? Paying off my visa bill - it was a bit high due to camping and birthday's this month.

I'll be going into August with zero credit card debt, and looking forward to that.



  1. That is a fantastic way for anyone to enter August. Congrats.

  2. Yay Jessie. That damn Visa hey? You will have to be vigilant with the joint card - check it weekly to stay on track.

  3. That is so awesome! It must feel great to get rid of the credit card once for all.


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