All Set up....for the most part

We arrived back in the big city mid-afternoon today, I always want to stay visiting my family longer - but I always wind up feeling good that we got home in the daylight too.  We got all of our camping gear cleaned and put back into storage and Jordan bought a pizza for supper - that was a nice treat.

We watched The Bounty Hunter (which was hilarious by the way) and then I got down to business.  For the last hour and a half or so I have been preparing for our August 6th, 2010 - joint budget live date.

I've set up just about all of our atuomatic transfers - which we decided would be on a weekly basis (instead of bi-weekly or monthly) to align with our pay days.  Even with all that work, we still have quite a few things to do before we go live. We have to change banking information to the joint account for the following things:
  • Jordan
    • Truck Insurance
    • RRSP
    • Payroll
  • Jessie
    • Car Insurance
    • Horse Board
    • Student Loan payments
    • Payroll
A few other things on the to-do list include:
  • Merging our Air Miles accounts.  I used my account number to sign up for the CC - so we'll merge Jordan's number w/ mine
  • Renew my CAA membership and add Jordan on to the plan

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  1. There is a lot to do, isn't there?


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