Student Loan Update

I ran some projection numbers on our joint account, and if we stick to our budget/spending plan -  we just might be able to pay off my student loan this month....I've talked with Jordan about it, and he is 100% behind us using the joint account to get the loan dealt with.

I currently owe $3,096.81 on my loan and it's at 2.25% interest rate.  In August, my regular student loan payments total $600 - leaving me with approximatively $2,500 owing.

If we stick to our plan, we'll have about $2,400 left over in August - so If I just save about $200 bucks of my own personal allowance - it'll be done.

It would be an incredible achievement...and both Jordan and I want this pretty bad.  So, cross your fingers for us - lets stick to the budget.


  1. YOU CAN DO IT!!! That would be so awesome.

  2. AS I am a student so I need to get loan for my post graduate studies. I want to know all the updates for the loan. What we the interest rate on my loans.

  3. Good Job you guys!! Can't wait to read that you are done with that student loan!


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