It has been a bustling last few days!  Jordan and I went camping for the Canada Day long weekend in BC. We found a beautiful spot that used to be a local hang out but has been a bit revitalized.  It's now very welcoming and clean - and only 30 minutes from my parents place (which was handy given that we forgot pillows).  There was a lot of work that went into preparing for this trip because it was the first camping trip of the year - and of course an equal amount of work to come home and clean up.

It was a bit of a trial run because we are planning a week long trip next week!

Yesterday was Jordan's 27th birthday!  We went out to a favorite pub and spend the afternoon having a few beers with some good friends.  After that, I took him to see Karate Kid in theater.  It was pretty good!

I won't share how much the last few days cost for two reasons.  Jordan and I have been paying for things back and forth - and some things I don't want him to know :)  I will say that we're still in good shape and are still moving forward towards a joint budget.

Our next step on that front is to update our budget based on your feedback last week and to investigate the best joint credit card for us.  Does anyone have any advise on that?


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