Birthday Thanks!

Thanks to everyone who gave me birthday wishes!! It was such a nice treat to have all those comments waiting for me after the weekend.

Jordan gave me a Nintendo DS and a Mario game for my Nintendo Wii - I've played with the DS a lot, but haven't had a chance to play the new Wii game just yet.  My best friend Amy gave me some camping wine glasses and beer mugs and a camping cook book.  There's some interesting recipes in the book about how to use a dutch oven (which I have) to bake over the fire - so I'm excited to try some of those out.

My grandma gave me $75 and my parents gave me $100.  Other than buying myself a pedometer, I have no clue what I 'want' for my birthday.  So, I've stashed the money in my 'JESS Money' fund.  This is sort of like a travel/buying Jordan presents/camping/anything i want to do but don't have the money for - fund.

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  1. thats awesome!!! happy late birthday!!!! we love mario on wii!!!!


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