Joint Budget Update

Jordan and I have settled on a workable joint budget.  It's bound to change after the first couple of months, but this is what we're going to work with for now.

Since posting our first run at the budget, we've made a few adjustments:

- A 'something for later' fund has been introduced.  This is joint savings for larger purchases.  This could be anything from a BBQ to a Quad to a trailer...or any other thing.

- Annual Expenses are now allotted for.  Our annual expenses include: Costco membership, CAA membership, Tennants insurance, vehicle registration

- We increased the allotment for gas to $250 - which is a bit more realistic than the $200 we had before.

- All non negotiable items will be auto-withdrawn (or cheques written) from the joint acount (except for groceries/house)
- If items are highlighted in yellow, they have a joint ING account
- We will use our joint credit card for our annual expenses (they are never more than $150 at a time)
- We will use our joint credit card for groceries and household purchases (cleaners etc), gas, and all other joint purchases (I detailed what's joint and what's personal in yesterday's post)


  1. I am so impressed with how far you two have come and how you are doing it together.

  2. That looks awesome! You both seem so organized.


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