Roommate Update

Our new roommate has been slowly moving in over the last couple of days and appears to have settled in.  We have talked overly much - but he seems like a really genuine and busy person.  I hope he statys that way for his ten month stay with us.  We'll have to chat to his parents about how they want to organize utility and rent payment, but i suspect they will opt for e-mail money transfers.

They shouldn't cost the receipient (us) anything, and it's convienient for them!  We would of course also take cheques if they preferred. 

I recently re-arranged the billing cycle for Shaw, so they could do one transfer with rent and utilities on the same one (so they aren't paying the fee twice a month).  That's what our current roommate does and it works well.  Once the end of the month rolls around, I'll send them an e-mail to discuss how they want to arrange everything.


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