Gone Camping

Jordan and I are leaving town this morning to go on a week long camping trip!  We'll be heading out to the wilds of BC for a wonderful eight/nine days!  I'm so looking forward to this. It's going to be great to spend the time with my family and Jordan and it will be a break from work.  Where we are going we have no cell/internet service - so I CAN'T check e-mails/facebook - or anything else.

When we go camping like this with my family, we usually (and have this time) split up the grocery shopping between us.  This saves on waste and then no one has to spend too much more $$ then someone else.  I anticipate the grocery bill to be between $100-$150 and then probably another $50 or so on beer.  That will leave me with about $100 for gas - which should be plenty.  Jordan will also have some cash, but I'm not sure what's left from our last camping trip (last weekend).

I have written a few posts that will go live throughout the week (like this one), but I won't be able to moderate them.  As I'm still getting some spam comments, I'd prefer just to accept all comments when I get back.  Please don't let that stop you from leaving notes - I love reading each and every one of them.

* the picture above is from our camping trip on the July long weekend.


  1. Have a great time!! You will come back energetic and recharged.

  2. Have a good trip!! Enjoy the time off. That picture is very pretty, wish we had mountains around here :)


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